• ComposerJake Heggie
  • LibrettoTerrance McNally
  • Adapted from the book Dead Man WalkingSister Helen Prejean
  • ConductorSebastian Lang-Lessing
  • DirectorOrpha Phelan
  • DesignerNicky Shaw
  • Lighting DesignerMark Jonathan
  • Movement directorLynne Hockney
  • Sr. Helen PrejeanHanne Fischer
  • Joseph de RocherJohan Reuter
  • Mrs. de RocherSusanne Resmark
  • Sr. RoseCornelia Beskow
  • George BentonMorten Staugaard
  • Fr. GrenvilleMichael Bracegirdle
  • Owen HartTeit Kanstrup
  • Kitty HartMette Grosbøl
  • Howard BoucherJens Christian Tvilum
  • Jade BoucherElisabeth Halling
  • Guard, Motorcycle CopPalle Knudsen
  • GuardMagnus Gislason


“Thoroughly well put together…”

“A strong and moving staging by Orpha Phelan, of a strong and moving work. Too much for anyone…but it is great art.”

“No imperfections in this production”

“Orpha Phelan’s staging and Nicky Shaw’s scenography are at once moderate, expansive and flexible.”

“Staged with great understanding by Irish director, Orpha Phelan.”

“Nicky Shaw has created a great frame and got church and prison to work in one modern elementary building, just like the costumes is remarkable.”

“The audience is saved no details. Experiencing this production of Dead Man Walking is like watching a film immersed in a large musical aquarium of emotions. Depicted vividly with cinematic accuracy….this is a sharply staged production.”