• ComposerGeorge Frideric Handel
  • LibrettoWilliam Congreve
  • ConductorJonathan Cohen
  • DirectorAnnilese Miskimmon
  • DesignerNicky Shaw
  • Lighting DesignerMark Jonathan
  • Movement directorSarah Fahie
  • SemeleHeidi Stober
  • CadmusDavid Soar
  • AthamasChristopher Ainslie
  • InoJurgita Adamonytė
  • PriestChristian Valle
  • JupiterRobert Murray
  • JunoChristine Rice
  • IrisLlio Evans
  • ApolloMikael Onelius
  • SomnusDavid Soar
  • Semele's other selfPatricia Loveland
  • BacchusHenry Pauly
  • A vision of the nymph PasitheaLara Marie Müller
  • Juno's daughtersBonnie Hodsdon, Mollie Horsley, Lara Murray, Freya Randall, Maddie Small, Ivy Tomkinson, Martha-Scout Willcocks


‘Comical and clever’

‘With visuals entrusted to director Annilese Miskimmon and designer Nicky Shaw, Garsington’s jokey, modern-dress approach feels apposite: the piece contains ironic and even blatantly comic episodes in its retelling of a cautionary tale on the eternally fresh theme of Be Careful What You Wish For’.

‘Annilese Miskimmon’s wittily imaginative production’

‘Nicky Shaw’s enchanting designs – Jupiter’s realm is evoked with celestial blues, reflective surfaces, even glowing orbs – provide some ravishing stage pictures’.

‘There are magical moments in this staging of one of Handel’s most richly inventive scores.’

"There is much to enjoy, and Garsington Opera Orchestra, under Jonathan Cohen, brings out the full glory of Handel's score."

"A magical new production."

‘Miskimmon's take on the piece, stunningly designed by Nicky Shaw in rich tones of blue and white, fleshes out all the characters, even the gods, and for the most part she maintains a light comic touch’.

‘Garsington’s new production of Handel’s Semele, directed by Annilese Miskimmon, is something of a triumph’.

‘Nicky Shaw’s designs include fitted bright-blue flight crew uniforms for the heavenly attendants and an evocative moonlit backdrop. As the sun sets outside Garsington’s airy pavilion theatre, the stage responds with illuminated moons and a candlelit memorial to Semele’.

‘The most imaginative production of utter delight...’

‘Annilese Miskimmon’s larky take on the piece, which possesses a rich seam of levity, not least in the pouty posturings of self-loving Semele in her rock-star assortment of glittering outfits.’

‘That it looks wonderful, too, is all thanks to designer Nicky Shaw.’

‘Garsington's fabulous production of Semele.’

‘This was an evening of ravishingly beautiful music. The singers were superb, the chorus was big and bountiful; the orchestra gave a vivacious and theatrical performance.’

‘A witty, winning production...’

‘First-rate musical performance and production that's hard to fault.’