• Composer & LibrettistGrigory Frid
  • taken fromAnne Frank’s Diary
  • Conductor/PianoAndrew Synnott
  • DirectorsAnnilese Miskimmon & Ingrid Craigie
  • DesignerNicky Shaw
  • LightingTina Machugh


“Frid isn’t afraid of tunes or jazz: this is no serialist nightmare. What he accomplishes in the 21 scenes he chose for his libretto (with the help of Nicky Shaw’s designs of elegant simplicity and sensitive, understated direction by Miskimmon and Ingrid Craigie) is to transform into music the distance between a sort of outward normality – life continues – and the jangly horror of the menace that constantly threatens: there are moments where this comes close to being a parable of human existence, not simply the horrific ordeal of one teenage girl”

“Co-directed by Annilese Miskimmon and Ingrid Craigie, ‘Anne Frank’ comes in Nicky Shaw’s ingenious design and Tina MacHugh’s effective lighting. Opening like pages in a book, a silver screen transforms to hall, window and office while trapdoors camouflage commodious hidey-holes”

“design-wise this was a triumph of set (Nicky Shaw) and lighting (Tina MacHugh) combining to deliver a truly imaginative response to the work. Confinement and concealment seemed to be the dominating motifs. A giant diary sounds like a terrible old cliché until you see this one”

“Nicky Shaw’s set transforms grey geometry into ingenious self-reference, while the sure hand of co-directors Annilese Miskimmon and Ingrid Craigie exerts itself on every last detail”
“A premiere for Ireland…..this exquisite piece of music theatre raises the bar for Irish touring opera”

“Grigory Frid’s work was staged with stark simplicity that veered between wrenching intensity and heart-warming tenderness”